Balik Bayan Success Story: Arlene Magsombol

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Arlene Magsombol
Chief Finance Officer
ISport Life Incorporated (Fila Philippines)

Arlene Magsombol, an accounting and finance specialist from Dubai shares how the Balik Bayan programme helped her find a role that she wanted in her hometown, the Philippines.

Where were you before this? What motivated you to move to the Philippines to work?

"I was based in Dubai for the past 11 years. My husband and I decided to start our own family and that motivated me to come back home."

How did Balik Bayan programme help you in resuming your career in the Philippines?

"One of my reservations before moving back to the Philippines was the fear of not getting a comparable compensation package to the one I was getting in Dubai. As I had been away for a long time, I didn’t have any idea of the salary trends in the Philippines nor the accounting processes of the companies, especially the taxation. Thankfully, Robert Walters Philippines' international candidate manager and the consultant did a great job in briefing me of the things that I had missed. Speaking with them helped me get rid of some of my reservations about moving back home. Both consultants have been very supportive and made a special effort to understand my professional needs and preferences and made those possible."

Would you recommend the Balik Bayan Programme to your friends?

"Yes, for sure. There are a lot of good opportunities in the country and Robert Walters’ team of specialist consultants can help you find a suitable role."

What advice would you give overseas Filipinos if they wish to find job back home?

"You should not be afraid to come back to the Philippines to work. There are a lot of good opportunities you never knew existed and Robert Walters is here to guide you in your career search."

Should you wish to find out more about our Balik Bayan programme or would like to receive our newsletter, please get in touch with:

Shane Garcellano, International Candidate Manager
Robert Walters Philippines
T: (632) 841 9309

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