Balik Bayan Success Story: Mary Joy Tagle


Mary Joy Tagle
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, OLX

Having been successfully placed at OLX by Robert Walters Philippines’ Balik Bayan programme, Mary Joy Tagle explains how the recruitment company helped her in her professional journey and shares her views on the programme.


Where were you before this? What motivated you to move to the Philippines to work?

"I was based in Singapore for the past seven years. My husband recently set up a business in the Philippines and that motivated me to come back home."

How did Balik Bayan programme help you in resuming your career in the Philippines?

"One of the top concerns I had before moving back home was whether I’d be able to earn sufficiently to maintain my current standard of living. Being unaware of the salary trends in Philippines, I was worried that the salary I would be offered in my new role in Manila would be too low as compared to what I was receiving in Singapore. Thankfully, Balik Bayan’s international candidate manager, Alaine, understood my concerns. I was highly impressed with the way she addressed them and of the vast amount of professionalism and knowledge she displayed with regards to the job market in the Philippines. Despite the fact that the first job offer I got via the Balik Bayan campaign didn’t work out, Alaine persisted in finding me another role. She continued her search and finally found a role that was tailored to my skills, experiences and expectations two months later."

Would you recommend the Balik Bayan Programme to your friends?

"Yes, definitely. I think there is a stigma among overseas foreign workers that they will have to settle for less if they return back to the Philippines to work. My experience with the Balik Bayan programme has, however, proved that this isn’t always true, and that all you need to do is to find a good opportunity to fulfil your professional aspirations. I have and will, continue to refer my friends to Robert Walters for this."

What advice would you give overseas Filipinos if they wish to find job back home?

"They should remove the fear of going back to the Philippines as there are a lot of good opportunities here. Robert Walters will help them find the perfect match to their experience and expectations."

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