Balik Bayan Success Story


Senior Audit Manager


After working overseas for three years in Indonesia, Sherry, an audit professional, decided she wanted to move back to the Philippines to be closer to the family members she missed dearly. 

“I moved to Indonesia to broaden my horizons and get more exposure. I enjoyed working there and gained useful international experience, but after more than two years, I felt it was time to move back to the Philippines as I wanted to be near my family.”

However, Sherry found that landing a job back in her home country was more challenging than she thought it would be, even though she had garnered valuable experience working abroad. 

“One major obstacle I faced was that I was not physically within the country. Companies preferred face-to-face interviews, rather than online interviews. More importantly, as I would have to move back from Indonesia to the Philippines, my availability was much later than many employers were comfortable with,” Sherry shared.

Sherry also added that she found it challenging to get any feedback from employers she had interviewed with, which made it difficult to know how to improve for future interviews. Sherry was not ready to give up her search, but she also realised what she was doing was neither effective nor efficient.

It was then that Sherry received contact from Shane Garcellano, international candidate manager at Robert Walters Philippines. After taking time to understand her situation, career goals and personal motivations, Shane worked with another consultant in Robert Walters Philippines to secure Sherry a role that was aligned with her career goals, salary expectations and plans to move back to the country. 

“The whole process was smooth and seamless. Robert Walters consultants updated me every step of the way, providing me with information and feedback to help me shine at my interviews,” Sherry said. “They also helped me request for Skype interviews since I did not have any plans to return to the Philippines during my job search period. Thanks to their help, I landed a job that I am excited about.” 

To Filipinos looking to move back home, Sherry shares, “It may not be necessary to fly back for interviews. Even if companies seem unwilling at first, it may be worthwhile to reiterate your request for an online interview through Skype or other platforms. Hiring managers will often oblige if you have a good CV.” 

She also advises this group of jobseekers to expect that the search may take a while. “The process took longer than my previous job searches, and it was discouraging at times,” said Sherry, “I learnt that working with recruitment consultancies can help make the search easier, especially when they have a program that is dedicated to assisting international candidates, such as Balik Bayan.” 

Find out how you can Balik Bayan to a better career back home. Contact Shane Garcellano at today.

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