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As the economy improves, businesses are now looking to grow their HR functions, to support strategic growth objectives and to develop successful talent management strategies to meet the challenges that skills shortages present.

New HR professionals should consider how they can make the most impact in this new business environment.

"Businesses are turning to HR to be a business partner and play a key strategic role within the organisation,” said Alvin Sapinoso, Manager for Human Resources division. “This is a huge opportunity for new HR professionals to step up and showcase the impact they can have on the organisation.”  

Commercial awareness and involvement

When joining any business, fully immerse yourself in the company and understand its operations as well as the people who drive it. Pay close attention to your own skill set and identify ways that you can help the business achieve its overall goals.

It’s not just what you know but who you know

The saying speaks for itself and it’s true for most professions. However, HR is a field which particularly lends itself to networking. Building relationships with stakeholders both inside and outside of your organisation can not only help you identify talent and areas for improvement, it can benefit your visibility within the organisation.

Professional social media tools like LinkedIn are a fantastic way to understand not only the teams and influencers within your organisation but within competitors’ as well. The more you are engaged with these channels, the easier you will be able to grow and maintain your professional contacts. 

Industry insight

Regardless of where you are in your career, surround yourself with as much information as possible.

Keep abreast of topical stories, fluctuations in the macro-economy and anything in the market that might impact your business. Fantastic avenues for keeping yourself in the know include:

  • Social media groups (LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Industry seminars
  • Popular news sources (radio, television and print)
  • Industry publications
  • Independent whitepapers
  • Industry forums and alumni groups

Keeping yourself informed will not only help you make more educated decisions in the workplace, it will increase your opportunities to network with key stakeholders across the business as well as improve your visibility within the greater HR community.

Always get the job done but make sure it’s in the best way possible

At the end of the day, getting the job done will be what your performance is judged on. But you don’t want to get yourself into the trap of just being the ‘yes-person’, unable to introduce strategy or process improvements.

Successful HR professionals anticipate the needs of their business, adjust their actions accordingly and communicate improvements to those involved.

Being proactive will not make your job more interesting, it will increase your value in front of those who matter the most.

Always strive to be better

The HR profession is always changing and so should you. Try to think of your career as one long training course, full of continual improvements and additions to your skill set.

Being an early adopter of new best practices will not only help you move up the ranks quickly, it can make your everyday processes a lot more interesting and efficient.

Best of all, keeping up to date with additional qualifications may be just the extra push you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd, giving you greater power in salary negotiations.

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