Tips on how to nail an IT Infrastructure role

The rise of digitalisation in the Philippines has been accompanied by a growing need for IT infrastructure professionals. Organisations are transitioning to and investing heavily in cloud computing and this trend is expected to continue for the upcoming years as more well-invested start-ups establish themselves within the country.

For IT professionals who may be interested in finding a role in this space, Robert Walters consultant, Lenille Migraso, gives her tips on how to ensure you can nail the role.

1. Build your Foundation

Make sure that you understand the basics and the elements of IT Infrastructure. Are you capable of managing servers, streamlining process systems, and creating scripts in Perl, Bash, Shell, or Python?

2. Find your Focus

While you will need to have a broad foundation of skills, specialising and deepening your experience in a certain facet of IT infrastructure will give you an edge over other candidates. Areas to consider specialising in include cloud engineering, site reliability engineering, system administration, system engineering and, infrastructure engineering.

3. Certifications

Certifications will give you an advantage during your job hunt, especially with start-ups. As cloud computing skills are highly sought after, it’s recommended if you get certifications in one of the following: AWS, Azure, GCP, CCN.

4. Keep yourself updated

Technology rapidly changes over the years and it is crucial to remain updated in your area of specialisation. Get hands-on experience with different tools and expose yourself to various projects that can add value to your craft.

5. Stay involved

Join a community of IT infrastructure professionals, go for community meetups and discuss the latest trends with your industry peers. You will not only that you learn something new, but also expand your network of IT infrastructure professionals.


IT infrastructure plays a very vital role in any organisation and if you’re planning to switch to this field, this is the perfect time for you. However, be warned that it won’t be a walk in the park. Before making a reckless switch, spend some time speaking with career advisers or field experts that can share their knowledge about the role, market and industry and evaluate whether this job will be something you enjoy before taking the plunge.

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