Why return home?


Opportunities for development and training, exposure to international working cultures, better working conditions, higher wages – these are just some of the reasons why Filipinos choose to go overseas to work.

Often, at the heart of these reasons, is the prospect of building a better life for their families.


No more reason to be far from home

With the recent rapid economic development in the country, however, Filipinos no longer need to work overseas to ensure a bright future for their families. The continued entry of multinational companies and injection of foreign direct investment has seen the creation of numerous jobs that offer similar benefits and opportunities to roles overseas.

Alyza Mae Arellano, a finance analyst, shared that she wanted to return home to be with her family. However, one of her initial concerns was finding a job that would allow her to maintain the standard of living she had in Malaysia. Through Robert Walters Philippines’ Balik Bayan program, she was able to find a job that not only met her salary expectations, but was also tailored to her skills and experiences.

Balik Bayan to growing opportunities

Digitalisation has driven the demand for Tech & Transformation / IT talent. Professionals with experience in AI, robotics, data analytics, and cyber security are particularly in demand.

In the shared services and business process outsourcing landscape, established companies are looking for skilled finance professionals in process improvement, transformation and automation, while new businesses are hiring experienced talent in the industry with strong background in process migrations. Among the commercial offices (local operations) within the fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, finance professionals skilled in business partnering are in high demand, and those with operational exposure and cross-functional expertise are highly valued.

Professionals with risk, compliance, audit, fraud, market operations, change management, finance and accounting skills are highly sought after in the banking sector. Human resources (HR) is another market that sees active hiring, with employers also seeking  to hire HR business partners, and professionals with expertise in talent management and organisational development, and strategic compensation and benefits.

Overseas Filipinos with the right skill sets will find that the opportunities back home may be more attractive than they were overseas. Although salaries may sometimes seem lower, the cost of living is also lower in the Philippines and many returning Filipinos have found themselves saving more money back home. More importantly, the potential for learning and growth is often greater in an emerging market and returning Filipino professionals can enjoy opportunities for training, advancement and progression that they would have had to compete harder for overseas.

Thinking of coming home?

If you're an overseas Filipino thinking of returning home, we can help. In the Philippines we recruit for permanent roles in the following specialisations: accounting & finance, banking & financial services, tech & transformation, human resources and sales & marketing.

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