Organisational restructuring increased Sales and Marketing roles


2021 has been all about recovery. Sales and marketing roles increased by 94% in 2021 versus the year before. Mae Mendoza, Manager at Robert Walters Philippines, explains, “In 2020, a lot of roles were made redundant because of major organisational restructuring. There was also very little hiring going on, with close to three quarters of job placements cancelled in the first two months of 2020. However, 2021 was about rebuilding organisational structures and recognising the necessary roles and skills needed for business to adapt to new work environments and the volatile economy.”

Furthermore, Mae shares, “We also saw new companies keen to enter the Philippines market, despite the pandemic”.

Read on as Mae shares her expectations about the labour market for Sales & Marketing professionals in 2022.

More companies to open offices in the Philippines in 2022

More companies will open offices in the country and hire their first employees in 2022, as the Philippines is still perceived as an emerging market. Mae shares, “This year, we worked on 10 first employee roles such as Country Sales Manager, Sales Manager and Account Director and more companies continue to fill independent contractor roles.”

“Flexible work arrangements and competitive fixed incomes will be important considerations for companies looking to attract and retain sales and marketing professionals. Meanwhile, there will be even greater importance placed on the core values and missions of organisations,” Mae highlights.

Digital marketing roles will be in demand

Mae notes, “With the ongoing digital transformation and rise of power plants in the country, there will be demand for roles in digital marketing and advertising, fintech sales, renewable energy sales, digital sales, and e-commerce management.”

Attracting and securing good talent

Mae points out, “Companies with a proven reputation of good work culture and well-engaged employees will be able to attract more potential candidates. While hiring can be difficult, ensuring good employees remain at their jobs will be a lot harder in the coming years.”

“Companies must be willing to invest and offer competitive basic salaries, instead of solely focusing on incentives and performance bonuses. Likewise, competitive healthcare packages will be highly valued by both existing employees and potential candidates,” Mae adds.

To attract and secure good talent, consider having a seamless and faster recruitment process as it will give you a competitive edge in the market.

Higher salary increments for Sales & Marketing professionals

“As employees are looking at job security and cautious about changing jobs in 2022, we can expect fixed incomes and basic salaries to increase 25 to 30%, compared to the usual 15 to 20% raises. We may also see changes to incentives as a way for companies to secure top talent,” Mae reveals.

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