Recruitment professionals to shine in 2022


While uncertainty remains in the market, Jayson Mendoza, Senior Consultant at Robert Walters Philippines, shares that hiring activity has generally improved in 2021.

“This is supported by an increase in demand for recruitment professionals across various industries. Companies have adjusted their growth plans and are more targeted with their headcount requirements compared to the year before. They are also focusing a lot more on employee engagement, retention, and development, leading to demand for talent management professionals and specialists in organisational development,” Jayson explains.

Read on as Jayson shares his expectations about the labour market for Human Resources professionals in 2022.

Emphasis on well-being and clear career development

Flexibility will be the new normal in the marketplace. Jayson highlights, “Companies that are not able to implement remote or hybrid work arrangements will find it harder to attract talent.”

“As more emphasis is placed on work-life balance and focus on mental health, companies will be looking to strengthen initiatives to promote employee well-being, while existing employees and candidates will be looking at the availability of such initiatives as a consideration for their careers,” Jayson points out.

We also expect more companies to provide clearer career development opportunities, as it has shown to be effective in retaining key talent.

Demand for stakeholder, employee, and performance management skills

Jayson notes, “Following resignations and recalibrated growth plans, companies will be investing in recruitment professionals who can conduct end-to-end hiring to fill headcount gaps.”

“Skills in stakeholder management will continue to be key, as it is an important factor in maintaining relationships with stakeholders amid uncertain times. We also expect to see more demand for professionals with experience in employee engagement and performance management, as the move from physical to virtual workplaces demands for continuous engagement of employees to maintain high productivity and performance,” Jayson says.

Explore ways to offer valued options

Companies are advised to be quick to adapt and be ready for change in the ever-evolving economic climate. Jayson shares, “The best way to know what employees and potential candidates want is to listen to their feedback and to explore ways to offer valued options such as flexible work arrangements, remuneration, and clear career direction.”

Salary increases in 2022 for Human Resources professionals

“We expect salaries to increase in 2022 as more companies will be looking at increments of around 5-10% and promotions as a retention strategy. On the other hand, hiring managers will be more aggressive in attracting the right talent by offering job seekers an overall salary increases between 25-30%,” Jayson notes.

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