Reasons why we love working at Robert Walters Philippines


Since being established in 2016, Robert Walters Philippines has made a resounding mark as not only a top professional recruitment firm for specialist roles across diverse industries but also as an employer of choice in the Philippines.

As we mark 5 years of recruitment excellence in the Philippines, we asked our employees their favourite things about working at Robert Walters Philippines. Here are several reasons why they enjoy working here:

“My career at Robert Walters Philippines has definitely been a fulfilling one; I’m constantly learning from my clients, candidates and colleagues. The company consists of a great leadership team and an environment where you can develop yourself both personally and professionally through superb training programmes. Beyond career growth, the firm’s collaborative environment, not only within the local teams but also across South East Asia, is truly top-notch!”

Ariel Cabada
Manager - Technology Sales

“I love that our managers are at the forefront of coming up with all sorts of activities, and sometimes even crazy ways, to make our work a little more fun and enjoyable. I also appreciate the opportunities given to us to share our personal interests, beliefs and passion.”

Rexanne Gali
Principal Consultant - Cybersecurity and Service Management

“Robert Walters Philippines has shaped me to be not just a better recruiter/salesperson but also a whole new better person. The company trains us in both our career and personal development. The culture here is great and like no other; people are very smart, hardworking and at the same time, warm, generous and caring.”

Sarah Bon
Senior Consultant - Banking & Financial Services

“What I love about Robert Walters Philippines is that we all motivate each other to give our very best no matter the situation. Working here has moulded me into the best version of myself by far, and I greatly attribute this to the support of my peers and the company’s culture of resilience and support – despite having their own challenges and hurdles to face, everyone always has an ear and hand to lend.

Paulo Fuentebella
Senior Consultant - Sales & Marketing

“It is amazing to be with a team that inspires you to work with grit and determination whilst not forgetting to be humble and empathic. I love how we are pushed to learn and be strategic in business but at the same time, we are always reminded that the core of what we do and who we are rely on our engagement with people. No organisation is perfect but it is astounding to witness how the Robert Walters Philippines team always evaluates areas to improve on, explores activities it could engage with, and designs innovative approaches for us to attain and channel our unique capabilities.

Drazz Abluyen
Consultant - Digital Solutions and Analytics

“The Robert Walters Philippines team treats each and every employee with love and respect. The management supports and assists everyone with an open heart and mind. They acknowledge and give due recognition to employees with exemplary performance and service. Most importantly, they consider every employee as the most important asset of the company. I could not be more proud to be part of this great organisation with such great leaders. I can truly call Robert Walters Philippines my family.”

Cecilia Valdez
Senior Team Admin

We’re always looking for outstanding talent to join our business and be part of our next stage of growth. If you’re interested, visit our South East Asia career hub to learn more.