In The News: The Tech Talent Shortage


Robert Walters recently issued a technology e-guide,
“5 Lessons in Tackling the Tech Talent Shortage”. Combining insights from forward-thinking business leaders, HR experts, hiring managers and tech professionals, the guidebook shares key learnings on attracting and retaining tech talent – from creating innovative recruitment and retention strategies, providing learning and growth opportunities within the organisation, to zooming in on the instrumental role of tech leaders.

The survey was conducted with nearly 400 technology professionals and featured learnings from seven leading companies across the SEA region, including HelloGold,, OVO, SGX, Tencent Thailand, Tokopedia and Trusted Services. The e-guide revealed that 70% of hiring managers take three months or more to fill an open tech position and this has negatively impacted their speed of product development.

There are five main lessons outlined in the e-guide:

  1. Go the extra mile
  2. Bring the meaning back to benefits
  3. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  4. Encourage 360 learning
  5. From the top

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To learn more about how you can overcome the tech talent crunch, download our latest e-guide: Five Lessons in Tackling the Tech Talent Shortage.

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e-guide: Tackle the tech talent shortage