How should a project manager prepare for an interview


Alaine Martin, Consultant from Technology division shares some tips on how a project manager should prepare for an interview. 





Do you have a scheduled interview in the next few days? Here are some tips to make the job interview a success. 

Review and analyse the job role

An important factor when preparing for an interview would be to understand the job description and know what type of project manager the company is looking for. Reviewing and analysing the job role would provide a better overview of what is required.   

After analysing, make a list of the skills, qualifications and needed certifications (if there are any) that are critical for success in the job.

Create a match-making plan 

Upon listing down all the important requirements needed, make a list of your own qualifications, skills, certifications and project experiences that matches the job description. 

You can raise these skills and qualities during the interview. They will act as evidence of your capabilities and help you to prove yourself to the interviewer that you are a suitable match for the job.

List and review the projects you’ve handled 

Listing all the important projects that you’ve handled and reviewing them can refresh your memory on the project details and the process of completing them. It will also help to remind you of your own contributions to the project and how your efforts made an impact on the group dynamics/end product. With a more vivid idea of what you did and what happened in the process of completing your projects, you are better prepared for the interview.  

Make sure to highlight all the projects that are relevant for the role when convincing the interviewer that you are a fit for the job.   

Research on the company

Researching on the company before the interview would make a huge difference. Learning what industry the company is in and how the business works can give you a better idea of how to market yourself in front of the interviewer. 

Research on the interviewer

It is important to know who you will be meeting at the interview. Researching on the interviewer’s background will also help you to understand what kind of person he/she is. From here, you can devise on how you should engage with the interviewer/hiring manager and on the ways you can build rapport with him/her.  

Dress to Impress 

Be sure to prepare your interview attire before the meeting. Make sure to wear business attire that will help you to leave a good first impression on your interviewer. It is always better to be overdressed than to be underdressed. 

What to bring for an interview

Before the interview, do contact the person-in-charge on what to bring for the meeting. The person-in-charge is usually the one that called you up for the interview. 

Some companies don’t require their candidates to bring their resumes, while others might. Be proactive in asking what you should bring to be better prepared for the interview. 

Get directions 

It is important to take note of where your interview will be held and find out the directions and modes of transport to get there.    

Familiarising yourself with the location can also help you to analyse the traffic conditions around the area. This will help you to better gauge the time taken to get there, and whether you should go there earlier due to the traffic situation in that area.  

Don’t be late

Make sure to arrive to the venue of the interview at least 15 minutes before your scheduled meeting.

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