Balik Bayan Success Story

dawn carrasco

Ron Oliver Santor
Full Stack Developer
FinTech Company

Ron Oliver Santor has been working in the IT industry for over 10 years, with his latest 2 years spent abroad in Singapore as a software engineer, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck countries across the world.

To address the impact of the pandemic, many businesses in Singapore started implementing cost-cutting measures, which included numerous employee lay-offs. As Ron was hired at his company on a contractual basis, his contract was unfortunately not renewed, leading him to decide to further his IT career back home in the Philippines.

Ron’s criteria for his next job were twofold – he wanted a role that could sustain his hunger for knowledge in software development, and be part of a company that provides him with both financial security and career development opportunities within the industry.

With these considerations in mind, Ron found it challenging to find a suitable opportunity back home.

“First, I was worried about the accessibility of the job opportunities given that I was situated in Singapore then, and I wasn’t sure how to find the right connections to a land a good role. Second, I was concerned about a possible lower salary. Although living expenses differ from country to country, I needed to find a good compromise within my level of expectations, as I move forward in my chosen career,” said Ron.

After spending hours in dozens of interviews, Ron was still unable to find a good opportunity, until Shane Garcellano, International Candidate Manager at Robert Walters Philippines, reached out to him and introduced the Balik Bayan campaign. The Balik Bayan campaign at Robert Walters Philippines offers to help overseas Filipino professionals, who are planning to head back to the country, be employed in a wide variety of industries, such as Information Technology.

Shane’s offer to help was perfect timing for Ron. In just a matter of days, Shane was able to connect him with a job that was tailored to his preferences. Ron shares, “The entire process was seamless and super convenient. Follow-up interviews were professionally done and in a non-intrusive way, which I find most recruiters often fail to do. Shane and her colleague were very helpful in facilitating my introduction to the hiring manager, and they answered all my concerns down to the last detail. Communication has always been a key point for us, job seekers, and thankfully, the consultants at Robert Walters Philippines excel in it.”

Ron is now employed in a fintech company in the Philippines, and he gets to enjoy spending time with his family. One important lesson he has learned from his job-hunting experience is to be unafraid of taking chances. He believes that the Philippines still has a lot to offer in terms of professional career growth and opportunities for Balik Bayans like himself. 

For more information about our Balik Bayan campaign at Robert Walters Philippines, contact Grace Sampan at, or visit our Return Home program page.

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