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Why firms shouldn't dismiss job-hoppers in the tech industry

From possessing a range of technical skills to being able to offer competitive intel, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring job-hoppers.

Robert Walters Leadership Podcast: Conversation with Hong Le, Grab

Hong Le, Head of GrabMart, Merchant & Strategy at Grab, speaks about bringing brands online in Vietnam’s fast-moving environment. From overcoming business challenges to finding talent and growing a career through complementary experience, don’t miss this podcast episode.

Robert Walters Leadership Podcast: Conversation with Tiger Fang, Kargo Technologies

Tiger Fang, Co-founder and CEO of Kargo Technologies, shares how his tech start-up is seeking to disrupt Indonesia’s traditional trucking industry, and his approach to leveraging opportunities and hiring tech talent in a competitive market.

How are employees in the Philippines changing their perspectives on 'work'?

Our infographic presents invaluable insights to attracting, upskilling and bringing out the best in talent in a post-pandemic, hybrid workplace.

A Look at Overseas Filipino's Mindset on Returning Home

Our compiled infographic unveils the overseas Filipino professionals’ mindset on moving back, the push and pull factors when it comes to returning home, and other considerations when looking for a new job.

Robert Walters Leadership Podcast: Conversation with Eric Magdato, Lingaro

Even as employees welcome greater flexibility, Eric Magdato, Country Head - Philippines at Lingaro, shares in Episode Thirteen how companies can adapt to having their stakeholders being mostly ‘out of offices’.