Tackling the shortage of skilled tech talent


Companies in the Philippines are ramping up their digital transformation and seeking skilled tech talent to drive their digitalisation efforts – particularly in the areas of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotisation, data analytics and IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

The competition is tough: Traditional tech giants are looking to hire talent with niche skills in the above areas to innovate and stay ahead of new tech startups, who are also aggressively recruiting to build out their own teams. Joining in the battle are non-tech companies, who are seeking their own tech talent to accelerate their digital journey.

So how can companies attract the talent they need despite the shortage of highly skilled tech talent in the Philippines? Andrea Dela Casa, manager of the technology & transformation division at Robert Walters shares that tech professionals in the Philippines are often more likely to join companies that demonstrate these three traits:

1) Speedy decision-making

Some larger tech consultancies in the Philippines can decide within a couple of days whether a candidate is moving on to the next stage of the recruitment process. For candidates, this not only reflects the company’s interest and commitment to him or her, it is also indicative of smooth processes within an organisation.

“For companies looking to hire tech professionals, it is important to streamline the recruitment process,” shares Andrea. “This starts from setting expectations at the beginning of a process. Let potential hires know the timeline of the entire process and they will less likely to lose interest in the role halfway through. Involving the hiring manager at an early stage can also help to minimise the number of interviews rounds and speed up the process.”

2) Genuine interest in talent development

The very best tech professionals know that to get opportunities to continually upskill and develop themselves, they need a good manager who is supportive of their learning and progression. They are looking for someone who can understand their work, the challenges they face and provide them with opportunities for continual development.

Andrea shares that this is why it is key to introduce the hiring manager to potential hires as early as possible. “While HR and talent acquisition teams are able to introduce career development opportunities, the hiring manager is better able to explain in detail how these opportunities can be relevant to the candidate and his or her work, professional goals and career motivations.”

3) A positive, family-oriented working environment

Perhaps unique to the Philippines is the strong focus on family, particularly for mid-level to senior professionals. While a competitive salary package is key, there are candidates who will gladly take on a slightly lower salary package for better family benefits such as insurance for their spouses, children or parents, and days off for their family.

“Family is really important to most Filipinos,” Andrea says, “It’s no different for tech professionals – they value their time with their family. Companies that showcase they have good work-life balance and a positive, family-oriented working culture will seem more attractive to tech professionals.”

The right talent with a trusted recruitment partner

Given the tight labour market for tech professionals, it is more important than ever for companies to work with a trusted recruitment partner who can help them accelerate the recruitment process and position their company and roles in the best light possible. Working with recruitment consultants with specialist knowledge in the technology field will also make a difference as top talent are more likely to work with consultants who understand the work they do.

To help companies secure the very best talent they need, Robert Walters Philippines has a dedicated team of consultants specialising in recruiting technology professionals. To find out how we can help you with your tech hiring needs, please contact Andrea.DelaCasa@RobertWalters.com.

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