Hiring in Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing professionals expect hybrid work options in 2023

Paulo Fuentebella, Manager of Sales & Marketing, Robert Walters Philippines

Amid concerns over an impending recession and changes in the Philippine government, job security was a key focus for the workforce in 2022.

According to Paulo Fuentebella, Manager of Sales & Marketing, Robert Walters Philippines, many companies successfully transitioned to hybrid work models in 2022 as candidates and employees alike remained attracted to flexible work options.

There was active hiring demand for sales and marketing professionals with technology/digital-based skill sets, as companies placed increasing focus on digital transformation.

While there was demand for higher salaries due to inflation, it was typical for candidates changing jobs to receive two to three offers at a time, though not all were “good offers”, adds Paulo.

Read on as Paulo shares his expectations of the labour market and hiring trends for sales and marketing professionals in 2023.

Top hiring trends in 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about the opening of early retirement packages to employees and opportunities to promote mid-management talent. It created a talent gap in brand management and sales roles, which companies will be seeking to fill in 2023.

Companies in the consumer space will be seeking talent skilled in consumer and shopper insights to augment branding and sales.

Start-up fintech or technology-based companies looking to enter the Philippine market will also be hiring for country manager or general manager roles, be it to enter the Philippines or to establish growth in the local market.

Professionals with digital marketing skills will be highly sought after, as both local companies and MNCs have identified the need to establish their online presence.

Meanwhile, talent with dual abilities in marketing strategy and execution will be in high demand as there is a need for capabilities in the conversion of big data to sound insights and strategies.

Advice on attracting and retaining talent

In retaining employees amid high staff turnover rates, companies should ensure they promote an inclusive workplace and culture that prioritises employee development and career growth.

Companies are also advised to ensure HR practices and programmes are updated to lessen the burden of employees reporting to office. “Flexible work arrangements should be a norm at this point,” says Paulo.

With remote work remaining an attractive proposition to job movers, companies may need to consider offering flexible work options for at least two days in a week or offer minimum within-market standards of salary increments, as full-time remote work positions are on the rise.

Candidates are also placing increasing emphasis on their well-being. Hence, companies will need to offer HMOs or medical and mental health benefits from day one. “Companies that offer such benefits to LGBTQ candidates will also be in a better position to attract talent”, says Paulo.

Lastly, companies should ensure recruitment processes are streamlined to avoid losing out on skilled talent.

Salaries to hold steady in 2023

While salaries in consumer marketing have become competitive, increments are expected to remain within market standards of 20-30% in 2023.

Meanwhile, job movers in digital marketing may be able to garner up to 30% rises.

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