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Moving jobs in HR

The HR jobs market is competitive so you’ll need to make yourself stand out to be successful.

Considering your motivations for moving and examining what you're looking for in a new role is vital if you are going to make the best impression on potential employers. 

Do you really want to move?

The first thing to do is ask yourself why you’re discontented with your current role and explore what you can do about it. If the reason is that the HR function is not respected in your organisation, is there any action you can take to push it higher up the agenda?

Only once you have tried everything you can, should you think about moving jobs. But you need to be realistic. The market is competitive, so proper preparation is essential if you're hoping to land your dream role.

What employers want

"Employers are looking for more than just technical HR knowledge in their employees – they want talent with the ability to add value to the business. To ensure you get noticed, do highlight your commercial achievements in your CV, such as profits and losses, and return on investment (ROI) in real terms,” said George Dumatol, Consultant for Human Resources division.

“Essentially, HR professionals need to align themselves with the business and speak the same language as the other line managers.”  

Skills to highlight

In the current climate, employers are also seeking measures of how successful their HR function can be. So you need to highlight specific facts and figures regarding cost savings, hires made, employee relations cases and employee engagement surveys. Tracking is crucial in this market.

Spend time on your application

When applying for a new role, your application should be achievement-driven and showcase the benefits of hiring you as an employee. It should always be tailored to the selection criteria and explain why you are the right person for the HR role.

"Be sure to showcase how you can be a partner to the business – and this will convince potential employers that you are worth their time,” continues George Dumatol. 

Keep learning

There's always something more to learn, or something that you can strive to do better than your competitors. Identify these areas, incorporate continuous learning as an integral part of your job, and always seek to keep your skills and knowledge updated.

Consider contracting

If you’re unsure exactly what your next career move should be, contracting could be an option for you. It gives you the opportunity to test your capabilities in new environments, helping you to make the next all-important career decision. 

Contract roles can also offer you greater flexibility, a good work-life balance and the opportunity to increase hourly earnings. On top of that, the variety that comes with working in contract roles increases your skills base, industry knowledge, experience and exposure to dynamic environments. And if your employer values you and the work is enjoyable, you may find a permanent job opportunity soon to follow. 

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