Why return home?

With the recent rapid economic development in the country, Filipinos no longer need to work overseas to ensure a bright future for their families. There has never been a better time to come home. 

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female local talent

A guide on securing highly skilled Filipino Talent based overseas

Struggling to find the right talent for your organisation? Expanding your search may be the answer. Check out our guide to find out why you should consider hiring overseas-based Filipinos, and how our Balik Bayan campaign can help you secure the local talent you need.

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Success Stories

Coming home and starting anew can be tough. Find out how our Balik Bayan campaign helped overseas Filipino workers to secure a job back in the Philippines.

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A Look at Overseas Filipino's Mindset on Returning Home

In this survey that we conducted with Filipinos across the globe, we delved deeper into their minds to find out what are their thoughts of returning home amidst the pandemic. We hope that the insights gotten from this study can give all overseas Filipinos better clarity on what excites or deters fellow Filipinos when relocating back to the Philippines.

Grace Sampan, International Candidate Manager at Robert Walters Philippines

Bringing Filipinos home

In support of the drive for local talent from both the Philippines Government and companies, Robert Walters Philippines is leveraging our international network of offices to connect with Filipinos overseas who may be interested in a move back home.

Balik Bayan, which means "return home", is our outreach program targeting overseas Filipinos to share market research, insights on the job market in the Philippines and assist them to secure a job back home.

As the dedicated international candidate manager for Filipinos looking to return home, please feel free to speak with me to find out more about opportunities in the Philippines.

Grace Sampan, International Candidate Manager, Robert Walters Philippines                                                                                                                                E: or T: (63) 2 8841 9387

Stay in Touch

If you are not ready to return to the Philippines yet but would like to stay in touch for the latest job market updates and opportunities in the Phlippines, sign up now.

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Grace Sampan, International Candidate Manager at Robert Walters Philippines

Grace Sampan

International Candidate Manager

Robert Walters Philippines

(63) 2 8841 9387