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Hiring in Industrial: Guide and Trends in 2024

Industrial companies in the Philippines doubled down on expansion in 2023, through ways such as venturing into new lines of business.

According to Jayson Mendoza, who oversees Robert Walters Philippines’ Human Resources and Industrial desks, the effort to decongest Metro Manila led to more construction projects with the establishment of new Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) zones. Rising numbers of new local entities and manufacturing plants also appeared in the past year.

Hiring demand surged for construction project managers, especially in banking, retail, and the food and beverages (F&B) sectors. Additionally, there was an increased need for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) managers and compliance experts, reflecting a heightened focus on sustainability. Supply chain professionals experienced in managing complex omni-channel logistics were also in demand as companies sought help with managing an evolving e-commerce landscape. Supply planning, too, was a key area of focus in the semiconductor and medical devices industries.

Jayson notes, however, that there has been a dip in manpower among firms that have introduced automation and robotics into their operations.

Read on to find out more about Jayson’s expectations of the labour market and hiring trends for Industrial professionals in the Philippines in 2024.

Continued expansion and pressure to go green

In 2024, the upward trend for construction project managers is expected to continue as businesses keep up with expansion activities. However, there will also be less of a demand for manpower for certain roles which might be consolidated due to automation and robotics.

“The focus on sustainability and environmentally responsible practices will continue to grow steadily,” Jayson anticipates.

Industrial companies are under more pressure to reduce their environmental footprint and adopt sustainable practices, so there will be a sustained demand for talent who can help them achieve this. We can also expect to see more renewable energy businesses.


Top hiring trends in 2024

Across the industrial space, Jayson expects that talent will make mobility and transportation availability a key point of discussion when discussing job opportunities.

As the sector embraces automation and robotics to raise efficiency and productivity levels, there will be strong and consistent demand for professionals who can program, operate and maintain advanced industrial robots and automation systems. Some roles in this space include robotics engineers, automation engineers or managers, and experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning for industrial applications.

On the back of the focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, industrial companies will seek out professionals in experienced sustainability, green technologies, green supply chain and manufacturing processes, and renewable energy integration. The top roles here include environment managers and health and safety managers.

Companies also need help with optimising their supply chains to withstand and prevent disruptions. They also need help with more precise demand forecasting and inventory management. So, they will seek out candidates who can conduct risk assessments and mitigation and manage resilient supply chains. Supply chain analysts and planners will be among some of the most in-demand roles in this domain.

Construction project managers and operations and manufacturing managers will also be in high demand.

Offer great benefits, growth prospects and participate in events

“More and more, candidates in the Industrial sector are seeking out employers who can provide clear pathways for career progression and who are willing to invest in their training and skill development,” explains Jayson. “Often, we hear that they are motivated to change jobs because of a lack of growth prospects or learning opportunities. Candidates in this sector are more open to international job opportunities, so companies with a global presence often do better at attracting talent because they can offer the chance to work on projects in different locations.”

Relating more about candidate motivations today, Jayson states that while competitive salaries are still important, candidates also want a more holistic benefits package that encompasses perks such as healthcare and wellness programs, retirement plans, childcare services, and educational assistance.

His advice for companies looking to retain their talent in 2024 is to invest in employees’ training and development and to focus on employee well-being. In addition, companies should also take care to recognise and appreciate employees’ contributions by providing regular feedback, awards or showing simple gestures of appreciation.

To attract talent, companies ought to offer attractive benefits where possible. Jayson also emphasises the importance of networking and meeting potential candidates through hosting or participating in job fairs, industry events or conferences. He also suggests creating internship and apprenticeship programs to develop a talent pipeline of promising, junior staff who can become future employees.

Salaries to increase

Jayson expects that salaries will increase by between 10 – 15% for most job movers, though positions that are technical or difficult to fill may command increments of between 25 – 30%.

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Jayson  Mendoza

Jayson Mendoza

Industrial, Philippines

Jayson leads our Industrial team. He has more than ten years of recruitment experience and is well-networked across various industries.

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